See the two illustrations on the left?

The lack of brand identity equates to the silhouette on the left. You know
there’s something there, but you don•t understand its character, and therefore
you don’t trust it. Trust is only built when you think you know the character.
Brand identity establishes the character of your company so that people can trust
you in order to do business with you.

Font legibility contributes to the level of comfort that people feel whilst they are
considering doing business with your company. It is critical that the font is targeted
to your particular industry. For example, a creative cursive font that works for a
photographer will present the wrong impression to customers of a medical office.

A cohesive color presentation contributes to a feeling of safety and trust on a subconscious level of those viewing your website. The use of color can be used to target a particular feeling that must be matched to your company’s personality and services. There’s ample scientific research supporting the concept that color psychology has a major impact on how your brand is perceived by your target audience.

Below are two examples of small business websites.











The one on the left fails to establish any cohesiveness in identifying the character and services of the business it is trying to represent. It lacks the basic key elements, such as a logo that represents the nature of the business. Images used on this website are poorly done, such that they fail to positively represent the subject matter. Poor quality on the website implies poor quality in your business offerings and services. Poor visual presentation translates into the perception of services that are not up to date with current trends, particularly for businesses relying on the latest and best technologies available such as medicine, technology companies, etc.

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